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Tribute to My Mom on Mother's Day



Growing up could not have been any better,
That's because you worked so hard to provide us shelter.

Your decisions in life have always had our well-being as your priority,
They still do, even though we are almost thirty.

Where would I be without a mom like you?
With luck, probably in the zoo.

You are the best mom a son could ask for,
Because I am luckier than a kid in a candy store.

The hard work you have done in your life does not go unnoticed,
This is affirmation that I feel really blessed.

But it is time for you to sit back and enjoy life,
There is no need for all this strife.

That is because I promise this to you on Mother's Day,
That I will be on your side until you are old and gray.

I have personally written this poem and will be framing it and giving it to my mom on Mother's Day.

Infolinks Mother's Day Challenge

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