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We're Beyond Words


Let me tell you about a mistake I was about to endure,
It was based on faulty thoughts -- all of them poor.

With your phone call, you opened my eyes, heart, and soul this morning,
Sending me in a daze that is lasting into the evening.

I totally miscalculated what you wanted,
Through that, I acted all stupid.

Or as you said I am an idiot,
Pushing you away with no and goodbye like a nut.

I can't believe I was letting my present and future with you fade.
Like losing my life at a game in the arcade.

I went to bed again and again and saw you in many of my dreams,
What we would do when we see each other were the themes.

Did you know we were together at the beach,
And we saw nothing but vegetables within reach.

I even imagined us having a daughter,
She was scared of the water.

I adored her for the chubby round face she had,
I guess she gets it from her dad.

But the reality is we should always talk on the phone about what we are feeling,
Because to repeat this mistake would make my eyes start peeling.

I care about you a lot,
A feeling I've always had and never forgot.

I registered this domain on August 3rd, 2006 liking you so much,
The email you sent me the day prior made me so warm and snuggly and such.

Fourteen months have passed by and I felt like we were going nowhere,
But now I am feeling like we are almost there.

Patience and strength are needed by us two nerds,
Because we are beyond words.

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